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Monday, February 08, 2010

Happy 3rd anniversary to! hehe... although i din update much... haha but still its the 3rd yr already... since i started this blog, and since i graduated from RP!... Woot! time flies... been thru many ups and downs during this 3yrs... !! another yr old in 2010.. omg~~~ hahahaha... been struggling wif sch work lately... i jus realised tat i gt alot more to catch up... i dun think i can prepare enough for my prelims =( "if you think u can, u can!" sounds not so motivating at times... haha but well.... i have to push myself further.. i gt no other choice... my onli motivator nw is graduate wif gd honours! Jia You pris!!!

Btw.. early greetings to all peeps! HAPpy CNY! to those who are married give more angbao! To those who are still available, received more angbaos!!! =PPP

Prissy talks` @* 5:58 PM

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Hi welcome 2010... Time flies... So how's everyone doing? Any new yr resolutions? Haha I do have a few... Secret of cos hehe... Actually I do have a few memories in 2009 although those are not really happy ones, at least there's something nice to be kept. Of cos I wsh to have more happenings this yr... Haha duno if i'm that lucky to meet them anot hahaha... Let's bless! HAhah... Alright I think it is time to stop for now... Will update soon!

Prissy talks` @* 5:29 AM

Monday, November 02, 2009

Been sometimes since i decided to login and post again... seems that im losing interest in blogging alrdy...i seriously duno wad to blog anymore... when i think of writing emotional stuff, those who read it may find it stupid, trying to catch others attention... and if i write abt my daily life its more stupid to let ppl know wad u do every day... and if i were to blog happenings of my life... who u think will bother to read... lol... sigh! Maybe its my prob i guess.. i dun like to share things wif others... i feel awkward, embarrass to let ppl know my inner life. Well... and i dun have the courage to say so... everyone's living their own life, who the hell will bother wad happen to you ya... what if u are willing to be the listener of others... but no 1 is there to listen to you... I saw this bad comment of someone....

He was trying to say that he's lonely and posted something on that... his fren end up "suaning" him... comment abt his post in a very sarcastic way. I will really sry for the person to hav such a fren... I bet he is trying to get someone to understand his world... but end up gt such comment by his fren.. Lol isnt that hilarious? i tot frens are suppose to be there to cheer you up? Its so hard to find a pal that u can share ups and downs...

Prissy talks` @* 5:35 PM

Monday, August 31, 2009

When i thought im content with what i had, i realised that its wrong!... Maybe its time for my to wake up my ideas, hope its not too late now...

!@#$%^ Feeling like shit now... l.i.f.e... i duno how to define...

Good luck? thx to ur "wishes" bet i really need them now -_-

Prissy talks` @* 9:11 PM

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Nice song =)

Prissy talks` @* 11:53 PM

Monday, August 03, 2009

Vivo.... been working there for 2months... missed that place damn alot... but nw... unfortunately, i gt posted to the new outlet at novena square2.. sobs... the place is real bored!!! so few customers, lesser sales... ... lol... i really duno wad to post anymore... no happenings recently... other than meeting lame customers hahaha...

sigh... duno wad to write le.. its bed time gd nitez

Prissy talks` @* 9:02 AM

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Yo!!! Have been a very long while eh... hahah how are u guys doing? Hope everyone's fine... Well eversince i started working, i have lesser time for myself sob... the stupid schedule real suxs to the core lols.....but nvm ba for the sake of $$ i jus have to endure till sch reopen then everything will be back to normal, enjoy life! Oh and my babymate, david becomes my colleague again! lol.. we are working tog at the same jap fish market (marusui fish market - vivo city) tog... do drop by to visit us alright? XD

hahahas... seems like my sch days are more free than my holidays hahaha... Come to think of that, i still duno when my sch is starting lol... results are not out yet too.. roar making ppl feel real anxious... mus pray hard liao! >.<

Oh and i went malaysia last wkend (KL, Genting, Malacca) tho its jus 4 short days, but its very enjoying, very fun!! hehe... what's more? with my family of cos! eating and playing happily. i missed genting the most!!! Weather was shiok, and that's my 1st time entering the casino hahaha... din gamble tho... I went to watch Ice Age 3 in genting... wow the ticket is so cheap! imagine RM11 (sg ard $5) Lol!!! and best part is, if u get the premium ticket, u can actually enjoy the massage chair and the movie at the same time hahahaha... nv get to see this in SG at all... cool uh! lols... I took lots of photos there but lazy and no time to upload lol... i'll try >.<
(here's one pic taken at a temple (chin swee temple) on the way up genting highlands)

Alrite, end of my latest update hehee... hope to see u sooon~

Prissy talks` @* 7:19 PM

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